Our Products

We deliver a wide range of high quality heating solutions within Lebanon, thus aiming to provide our clients the best adapted solution that perfectly fits their needs.

Floor Heating

Under Floor Heating is a simple heating system that has considerably increased in popularity over the years and that is today considered by far the most efficient way to heat your house. The method consists of installing pipes directly under the floor of the building and then run warm water through them to heat the place. This way the floor of the house acts as a big radiator: it will be around 27°C (although of course the temperature of each room of the house can be controlled individually).

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At Cotrac, we deliver a wide range of domestic radiators to suit spaces of all sizes. With a basic design intended to match all interiors, our house radiators are extremely reliable and offer high-energy performance. We only import Italian certified radiators with a 10-year warranty, available in a wide range of dimensions and complimented by our selection of valves and accessories in order to ensure compatibility with all domestic settings. High standards of manufacturing, combined with top quality materials and advanced production technology mean that our radiators deliver the performance you need.

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Solar Panels and Boilers & Burners

– Cotrac offers German home solar panel technologies (Solimpeks) – also known as solar photovoltaic, a system that captures the sun’s energy using photovoltaic cells – with verified long-term reliability and a high-energy return across varied range of climatic conditions, including low light. We offer you a 12-year warranty on our solar panels installations.

– Cotrac delivers Boilers & Burners exclusively imported from Spain (Domusa) with a 10-year warranty. Domusa Boilers & Burners have been awarded the latest international standard Class A.

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Sanitary Products

We use and distribute the below items:
– Pumps exclusively imported from Germany (Wita) with a 5-year warranty
– Valves exclusively imported from Italy (IVR)
– PPR pipes & fittings (Raktherm) and silent drainage pipes & fittings (Concept) exclusively imported from the UAE.

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Top reasons to work with us

Experienced Team

Highly trained professionals

We have a team of experienced and dedicated professionals who have the talent and expertise needed to install the perfect heating system.

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High Quality

Recognized leading brands

We provide our customers with high quality certified materials adhering to European Standards, to ensure high quality heating solutions.

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Best Price Promise

Our promise to you

We are recognized in the market for our very competitive prices: we can provide you with the best quality equipment at low prices at all times.

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Speed of Service

Fast delivery guaranteed

We always keep our products and material in stock so that they are permanently available when needed with absolutely no waiting time.

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